Easy Key lime Pie

Okay I threw the Key before the lime to peak your interest. This is really lime pie, but it’s quick, easy and very good. Probably better for you than some others too!

When I think about summer, I think about the beach. When I think about the beach, I think about seafood. When I think about seafood, I think about Key Lime Pie! That was a long way in getting to the reason for the post, but here we are.

Every seafood restaurant, large or small, in Florida HAS to offer key lime pie for dessert. It’s just one of those things I expect. I may not always order it, but I want it as an option…it kind of completes the experience. I’ve read recipes on-line many times, and while I’ve never been much of a dessert cook anyway, I usually avoided them. I just decided that maybe there was some value in going out to eat after all.

Then I stumbled on this recipe at a real estate open house. It was really good, and since a fellow agent had made it just for this event I knew the making of it couldn’t be to difficult. Not a slam on her, it’s just that most agents bring something bought or very simple to make. This one is so simple you will spend more time at the store buying the ingredients than in the kitchen with the pie!

1-graham cracker pie crust

2-1 oz boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding

1- cup milk

8 oz frozen limeade (thawed)

1-16 oz container lite whipped topping (thawed)

Mix the two packages of pudding together with the milk. Mix by hand at first, then use a hand mixer to finish up.

Add the whipped topping a little at a time to insure everything mixes well.

Add the limeade and continue to mix, scraping the sides with a “child cheater” to be sure none is missed. You will be temped to add the limeade before the whipped topping (I still do this sometimes) but it will make the pudding separate and it’s harder to make the mixture smooth.

Scrape the side of the bowl often. Pour in to ready made graham cracker crust and smooth evenly. It should be starting to firm up at this point, so work quickly.

All that is left now is to cover and refrigerate and…you have pie!

I refrigerate overnight when I have the chance, but really a couple of hours is enough. I have made this with limeade and lemonade and both are great. I have to alternate because I like the lime and my wife likes the lemon.

I probably watched too many episodes of Gilligan’s Island as a kid, but I have been dying to try a coconut version of this recipe!


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